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More than Just a Seat at the Table w/Jodi Cunnigham, PhD

September 7, 2021

Although there is no commonly agreed upon definition for community engagement, at its heart community engagement means mutual decision making through collaboration. People, organizations, and government working collaboratively to create, realize and sustain visions for their community’s future. Today, we join Jodi Cunningham, PhD, Director of Health and Housing at the Community Builders, Inc. to discuss how she deepens relationships with community, promotes the idea of intentional authentic interactions and uses her power to influence decision making with community voice at the center.


Instagram: @Dr.Jodicunningham 

LinkedIn: Jodi Cunnigham, PhD


To learn more about Avondale Children Thrive, visit the BUILD Health Challenge website here.

Avondale Children Thrive was featured on PBS NewsHour. The video can be found here.


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